The hidden plastics in candles

We often talk about how we’re plastic free as a company and how all our products that we produce are free from plastic. But you might be wondering what that means, and how much plastic can really be used in a candle that’s ultimately made from wax?

We’ve put together a few places for you to look out for where plastic may be unnecessarily used when producing candles, and what we do to avoid it.

Shrink wrap

This is an easy one to spot and one of the most unnecessary in my mind. Have a look when you’re next in a supermarket and see whether there is some plastic shrink wrap either around the whole candle or holding the lid in place. Here at Six Seven Twenty all our candles come with metal lids to avoid this unnecessary plastic use.

The lids

A lot of candles these days come with lids (which is great as it helps you preserve your candle for longer) but this is also a big use of plastic. Many of the lids themselves are made from plastic, but even ones that aren’t, that are made from glass or metal often have a plastic coating inside. All our lids are metal and have no plastic coating so you can rest assured they are plastic free.

Wick stickers

When making candles in order to ensure the wick stays central it’s necessary to stick it down before you pour the wax. Many companies will use a ‘wick sticker’ which sticks to the bottom of the container and then you can stick the wick to it to hold it in place. Unfortunately these are also mainly made from plastic and another hidden form many people won’t notice. We use soy wax itself to secure our metal eco wicks - flip over one of our jars and have a look. No plastic in sight.

Bubble wrap

When transporting candles (especially those in glass containers) it’s important to ensure they get to the customer undamaged. To achieve this many people turn to bubble wrap which is great for the product, but not so great for the environment. We instead use recycled brown paper - both in sheets and shredded to ensure our candles are protected, but all packaging can be recycled at the end.

The label

If your candle label is waterproof then it’s coated in vinyl which is a plastic itself. All our labels are printed on recycled paper and can easily be washed off for you to reuse your container when you’re done!

Take a look at our full range of Soy Candles here.

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