Cedarwood & Vanilla Pod Botanical Snap Bar

Cedarwood & Vanilla Pod Botanical Snap Bar


Wrap yourself in warmth with this deep, calming aroma. Woody notes dance with rich vanilla to create a sensual, intoxicating atmosphere. Close your eyes and picture yourself in the forest.


Each snap bar is approximately 30G and are complimented with dried Red Clover flowers.


Our Soy Wax snap bars are packaged in a recyclable brown paper bag to help cut down on unnecessary packaging.  

  • Snap bar information

    All our soy wax snap bars are handmade in Wigan, Greater Manchester. Our snap bars only include soy wax, fragrance and dried flowers - no hidden nasties. We use eco-friendly wax which is sustainable, vegan & biodegradable.

    All our products are 100% plastic free including all of our packaging and we only work with vegan and cruelty free products ingredients. 

  • Delivery Information

    Standard shipping - 3-5 business days.